The World’s First Artificial Crude Oil from CO2

While many scientists and engineers are worried of the problems exposed by the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere which affected our environment, a Spanish firm manages to convert this waste of CO2 into liquid oil energy or petroleum.  The concept … Continue reading

Earth’s Global Warming and Climate Change. What should we do?

Carbon dioxide or CO2 has been a main issue for most of us since it has constituted with too many types of problems to our environment which has no cure until today. Many ecologist, environmentalist and scientists had written articles with so many topics and long list of environmental problems related to CO2. Some of the issues that are related to CO2 emission are: Continue reading

Intel’s First Green Building Rated Gold Leed Certification

Intel’s first green structure in Haifa, Israel was awarded the second-highest rating, Gold, in the American LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification system. This is Intel’s first high-level LEED achievement. For instance one Intel’s facilities in Kulim, Malaysia received a lower LEED rating. Intel also has a Gold certification pending for its Octollio campus in Chandler, Arizona. Continue reading

How to Identify Safe or Unsafe Plastic Packaging for Food and Drink

Plastic History Plastic is being used widely for food or beverage packaging where we could not avoid of not using it for our daily life. It exists in many forms and shapes especially for food and drink packaging. Historically, plastic … Continue reading

Black fungi – Natural Plants that Prevent Nuclear Radiation

This page about black fungi as anti-nuclear radiation is actually a topic that has been suggested by Ms. Pia Christina Jensen or on twitter’s nick name is @NoWarNow2011. Thanks for her suggestion. Continue reading

Rosemary – Natural Plants that Prevent Nuclear Radiation

There are few scientific papers or researches have been done analyzing the rosemary plant as another alternative for preventing radiation included the nuclear radiation. There are papers of main researches from Spain and then Argentina and India writing methods about … Continue reading

Marijuana – Natural Plants that Prevent Nuclear Radiation

Marijuana is one of the plants that has been proven to eliminate nuclear radiation and was used in cleaning Chernobyl similar to the sunflower plants. Thus for the recent nuclear disaster in Japan, cultivation of marijuana is a viable alternative … Continue reading

Sansevieria – Natural Plants that Prevent Nuclear Radiation

There is an interesting fact that we can see directly with our eyes, that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) plant thousands of Sansevieria near nuclear installations. The location of the planting, only about 10 to 25 meters away from the nuclear installations. Continue reading

Sunflower – Natural Plants that Prevent Nuclear Radiation

Nuclear disaster could be happened again to us in the future and the similar tragedy might be repeated again to all of us. When it happens all of us are in great worry and we started to follow and aware … Continue reading

Food and Its Dangerous Additives to Avoid

It’s very difficult to avoid buying process food which is available almost everywhere in groceries and supermarkets. Process food is cheap, easily available anywhere, last longer and we always being provoked by media to encourage us to buy. There are … Continue reading

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