Doomsday Clock to 5 Minutes as Nuclear Threat to Humanity Continues

Nuclear as a threat to human life is again becoming an international topic.  The Doomsday Clock was announced on 10th January 2012, 1 minute closer to the previously on 2010. The Bulletin of Atomic Scientist was founded in 1945 by … Continue reading

Choosing the Right Solar Heating- Panels

Solar thermal panel is also called with other different names such as solar heating panel or solar thermal collector. Solar thermal collector is actually the most important component in any solar heating system. This is the place where heat energy is absorbed or accumulated before sending it to our home. Continue reading

What is Wind Energy? An Introduction

Wind energy is the energy that is harvested from wind speed. The speed or the velocity of wind that moves and rotates the wind turbine. In common language, the terminology for wind energy and wind power is similar. However in physics, the terminology of wind power and wind energy is different. Continue reading

4 Latest Green Powered Honda Motorcycles

Ethanol powered motorcycles is the latest development in FFV or Flexible Fuel Vehicle technology. The motorcycles are capable to run with E20, E25, E85 or even E100 ethanol. Continue reading

Avoiding Electrical and Electronics Vampires from Our Life

Electrical and Electronics Vampires are the electrical and electronics appliances that draw electricity while switch off or running in standby mode. Other names for it are standby power, vampire power, vampire draw, phantom load and leaking electricity. There are few studies that have been conducted in electrical vampires. Continue reading

Choosing the Right Solar Heating- Freeze Protection in Closed Loop

In the previous article we have discussed about the solar heating close loop system basics and heat exchanger. In close loop system heat exchanger is the main components that is used to transfer the solar heat energy from solar collector to our home’s hot water system. In this article we are going to discuss on freeze protection in close loop system. Continue reading

8 Green Cotton Bags for Your Daily Usage

We select eight designs of green or eco bags made from cotton for your daily usage. They are produced from organic, natural or recycled cottons. The bag would be a good alternative for plastic bags which today have been banned … Continue reading

Recycle Tires’ Bags from Waste to Success

The bag is made from the waste tractor’s inner tube which is cut, clean and finally combined with fine leather and hardware. The have recycled more than 76 tons of waste tires to manufacture the bags. Designs are unique especially the inner tubes are like finger prints, where no two bags are exactly alike. Continue reading

Sustainable Energy and Cooperatives, International Topics of 2012

The United Nations has adopted two main international topics to be observed in 2012 which are the sustainable energy (renewable energy) and cooperative. The Year 2012 is the International Year of Sustainable Energy for All as well as the International … Continue reading

Memory of Eco International Events in 2011

We just left the year 2011 with nice and sweet memories and welcoming the year 2012 with good missions and new intentions. Year 2011 was an important year with several important events that was programmed by international community for humanity, ecology and environment. Continue reading

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