9 Ways to Practice Eco and Green during Christmas and Holiday Season

 1. Christmas Tree

The majority of Christmas trees which are available at retail and home improvement stores are grown in tree farms. They are not victims of our environment and are not being cut down from nature’s surplus of trees. The real trees are more eco-friendly choice than the artificial trees.

Although artificial trees could last for many years they are made from metals and plastics which require huge amounts of energy to produce. They also create by-products which can be harmful to both the environment and human health. Most of them are not naturally biodegradable and potentially pollute our landfills site in the future.

Most of the artificial trees sold now are made in Taiwan and China and thus have extra energy costs to transport. Real trees are wildlife habitats, carbon neutral, absorbing carbon dioxide and finally could be decomposed. They can be planted in your garden after Christmas, and even used again next year. Perhaps in the future, you could start growing your own.

When you are done enjoying your tree, you could take it to a recycling centre. There they can be recycled for wood chips and mulch for landscaping.

2. Conserve the Energy

The temperatures may get colder during the Christmas and holiday season. Try few eco-friendly practices to lower your energy consumption. Lower the temperature at few degrees at night and when you are not at home to lower energy bill.

Perhaps using energy efficient lighting may be very useful such as LED lights for decorating your home.  Please turn off any electrical equipment when they are not in use. Even electrical appliances in standby mode also consume electricity if it’s not turn off.

3. Christmas Cards

Many greeting card manufacturers today do print on recycled paper now. There are also a number companies offering that in the web where you could order it anytime 24 hours. Season’s Greetings Eco card is one of them.

You also could buy recycled Christmas cards from charities. This is a good option because a part of your contribution would be given to less fortunate people at the same time.

Another option is why not just send the e-cards? Electronic cards are not expensive and many people enjoy giving and receive electronic cards. Even the cheapest and more eco-friendly one is just send texts message to family and friends.

4. Home Decorations

You could decorate your home with recycle, natural and eco-friendly décor. There are so many possibilities such as adding fruit and pine cones to your Christmas tree or fireplace mantle. This will bring an organic look to your decorations. Ornaments decorated with dried fruits or cinnamon sticks also look great for your Christmas. They are biodegradable and won’t harm our environment.

Buying goods at eco-friendly décor would be also a good option rather than buying it at the non-eco-friendly one. Wabisabi Green for instance offers pillows, home décor, arts & design and many more at good prices. You could visit their website to check more what are available.

Have an idea to practice 3R, Reuse, Reduce & recycle? You could re-use some goods from the last year to decorate your home. Some of them still looks good and could be reuse by mixing with you could buy this year. Reusing some of holiday décor items for this year would give your home a new appearance and save you money.

5. Christmas Gifts

There are plenty of options and ideas for eco and green Christmas gifts. If you are going to present to someone who appreciate and loves planting, seeds and small trees are a good idea for them. They will be planted in the ground and would be wonderful gifts that will grow for years to come.

We also have one suggestion if you hardly find at home improvement stores or home décor catalogues. Heirloom Organics offers non-hybrids seeds and could be a perfect gift for them.

The other options that come to mind for eco and green gifts are;

Clever beans has a big list of products and gifts which are eco and green.

Recycle Gifts also has many products which are made from recycle materials. The products are not recycling products rather than made from recycle materials.

6. Recycled Wrapping Paper

Eventhough wrapping paper seems to be a small matter to us, however it’s estimated that 83 square kilometres of wrapping paper end up in our rubbish bins every year. So please ensure that the wrapping paper also is from recycle sources.

7. Candles

Paraffin candles are made from petroleum remains so they won’t give benefit to our health or the environment. On the other hand, soy, beeswax or any vegetable-based candles are better options because they are biodegrade and more eco-friendly.

8. Buy Organic Foods

Take care of your health and get only organic foods. Organic foods are healthier and free from GMO.   If we try to do shopping at farmers markets or buying direct from the farmer is far cheaper than buying organic in the supermarket. There are many benefits such as they are fresher foods and chemical-free food.

9. Recycle Unwanted Gifts

Unfortunately almost everyone receives at least one unwanted gift during Christmas. The good option is to recycle unwanted gifts to charities. Local hospitals are often very pleased to receive unwanted gifts to give to patients. You also could swap them for other people’s unwanted gifts or even sell or exchange gifts on internet.Thanks for reading!

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