Can We Live Without Water and Forest?

Forests are the sources of water what we drink and what we use for irrigation. Most of the cities in the world receive clean water from rivers which are supplied by our forests. Forests help regulate on impacts of water and floods.

Since water is the source for human civilizations, most of the cities in the world are located near the rivers. Unfortunately, some people never care about forests and how to maintain them. Every year 13 million hectares of forest are destroyed because of political corruptions, greed, wealth, development and agriculture.

Below is the list of world’s capital cities around the world. All of them depend on water and all of them located near the water sources. River flows in a forest



Name of River

Afghanistan  Kabul. River Kabul.
Albania  Tirana. The Rivers Ishem, Tirane and Lane, although the River Lane is no more than a brook today.
Andorra  Andorra La Vella  Gran Valira.
Argentina  Buenos Aries.  River Plate.
Armenia  Yerevan  Hrazdan River.
Australia.  Canberra.  River Molonglo.
Austria.  Vienna.  River Danube.
Autonomous Region of Tibet  Lhasa  Kyi River.
Barbados  Bridgetown  River Careenage .
Bangladesh.  Dhaka.  River Buriganga.
Belize  Belmopan  Belize River.
Belgium.  Brussels.  River Zenne.
Bhutan.  Thimpu.  River Wong Chhu.
Bolivia.  La Paz.  River Choqueapu.
Bosnia and Herzogovenia  Sarajevo  River Miljacka.
Botswana  Gaborone  Notowahe River.
Brunei  Bandar Seri Begawan  Brunei River.
Bulgaria.  Sofia.  The Rivers Vladaiska and Perlovska.
Burundi  Bujumbura  Lake Tanganyika.
Cambodia.  Phnom. Penh.  Rivers Bassac and Mekong and Lake Tonle Sap.
Canada.  Ottawa.  River Ottawa.
Chad.  N’djamena.  River Chari.
China.  Beijing.  Yellow River.
Chile  Santiago.  River Mapocho
Colombia.  Bogota.  River Bogota.
Congo.  Brazzaville.  River Congo.
Croatia  Zagreb  River Sava.
Cuba  Havana  River Almendares.
Cyprus.  Nicosia.  River Pedieos.
Czech Republic.  Prague.  River Vltava.
Democratic Republic of Congo.  Kinshasa.  River Congo.
Dominica.  Roseau.  River Roseau.
Dominican Republic.  Santa Domingo.  River Ozama.
 Ethiopia.  Addis Ababa.  River Chankelia.
Ecuador.  Quito.  River Guayllabamba.
England  London  River Thames.
Egypt.  Cairo.  River Nile.
Estonia.  Tallinn.  River Pirita.
Finland.  Helsinki.  River Vantaa.
France.  Paris.  River Seine.
French Guyana.  Cayenne.  River Cayenne.
 Gabon.  Libreville.  River Komo.
Gambia.  Banjul.  River Gambia.
Georgia  Tblisi  River Kura.
Germany.  Berlin.  River Spree. and River Havel.
Ghana.  Accra.  River Odaw.
Greece.  Athens.  River Kifissos.
Greenland.  Nuuk.  Nuup Kangerlua Fjord.
Guinea Bissau  Bissau  River Geba.
Guyana  Georgetown  River Demerara.
  Honduras.  Tegucigalpa.  River Choluteca.
Hungary.  Budapest.  River Danube.
 Iceland.  Reykjavik.  River Ellioaa.
India.  Delhi.  River Yamuna.
Indonesia.  Jakarta.  River Ciliwung.
Iran.  Tehran.  River Hableh Rood.
Iraq.  Baghdad.  River Tigris.
Isle of Man  Douglas  Built upon the confluence of the Rivers Dhoo and Glass.
Italy.  Rome.  River Tiber.
Japan.  Tokyo.  River Sumida.
Kazakstan.  Astana.  River Ishim.
Kenya.  Nairobi.  River Nairobi.
Kyrgyzstan.  Bishtek.  River Chu.
Laos.  Vientiane.  River Mekong.
Latvia.  Riga.  River Daugava.
Leichtenstein  Vaduz  River Rhine.
Lesotho.  Maseru.  River Mohokare.
Liberia  Monrovia  Built upon the confluence of the Rivers Mesurado and Saint Paul.
Libya.  Tripoli.  River Abu Ali.
Lithuania  Vilnius  Built upon the confluence of the Rivers Neris and Vilnia.
Luxembourg  Luxembourg City  Built upon the confluence of the Rivers Alzette and Pretusse.
Macedonia.  Skopje.  River Vardar.
Madagascar.  Antanarivo.  River Ikoro.
Malawi  Lilongwe  River Lilongwe.
Malaysia.  Kuala Lumpur.  River Klang
Mali  Bamako  River Niger.
Malta  Valletta  The city grew up around it’s Grand Harbour which is fed by the Marsa Creek.
Mauritius.  Port Louis.  Black River.
Mexico.  Mexico City.  River Coatzacoalcos.
Mongolia.  Ulan Bator.  River Tuul.
Moldova  Chisinau  River Bic.
Morocco.  Rabat.  River Bou Regreg.
Myanmar.  Mandalay.  Irriwady River.
Nepal.  Kathmandu.  River Bagmati.
Netherlands.  Amsterdam.  River Amstel.
New Zealand.  Wellington.  River Hutt.
Nicaragua.  Managua.  River San Juan.
Niger.  Niamey.  River Niger.
North Korea.  Pyongyang.  River Taedong.
Northern Ireland  Belfast  River Lagan.
Norway.  Oslo.  River Akerselva.
Panama.  Panama City.  River Caloosahatchee.
Papua New Guinea.  Port Moresby.  Brown River.
Paraguay.  Asuncion.  River Paraguay.
Peru.  Lima.  River Rimac.
Philippines  Manilla  Pasig River.
Poland.  Warsaw.  River Vistula.
Portugal.  Lisbon.  River Tejo.
 Republic of Ireland  Dublin  River Liffey.
Republic of South Sudan  Juba  River White Nile.
Russia.  Moscow.  River Moskva.
Rwanda.  Kigali.  River Ruganwa.
Saudi Arabia. Riyadh. Originally built beside the Riyadh Wadi -  Orchard Oasis – this body of water has since dried up.
Serbia.  Belgrade.  River Danube.
Scotland  Edinburgh  Firth of Forth.
Sierra Leone.  Freetown.  Freetown River.
Slovakia.  Bratislava.  River Danube.
Slovenia  Ljubljana  River Ljublanica.
Spain.  Madrid.  River Manzanares.
South Korea.  Seoul.  Han River.
Swaziland  Mbabane  Mbabne River
Sweden.  Stockholm.  River Norrstrom.
Switzerland.  Bern.  River Aare.
Sudan.  Khartoum.  River Nile.
Suriname  Paramaribo   Suriname River
Syria.  Damascus.  River Barada.
Taiwan.  Taipei.  River Danshui and River Xindian.
Tajikstan.  Dushanbe.  River Varzob.
Thailand.  Bangkok.  River Chao Phraya.
Tunisia.  Tunis.  Lake of Tunis.
Turkey.  Ankara.  River Ankara.
  Uganda.  Kampala.  Lake Victoria.
Ukraine.  Kiev.  River Dnieper.
Uruguay.  Montivideo.  River Plate.
United Arab Emirates  Abu Dhabi
United States.  Washington D.C.  River Patomac.
Uzbekistan  Tashkent  River Chirchik.
 Venezuela.  Caracas,  River Guaire.
Vietman.  Hanoi.  Red River.
 Wales  Cardiff  Rivers Taff and Ely.
 Zambia.  Lusaka.  River Chongwe.
Zimbabwe.  Harare.  River Limpopo and River Zambesi.

What is Deforestation?

The meaning of deforestation is the elimination of any part of forests, jungles or trees where the land is intentionally would be converted into a non-forest usage. For instance deforestation includes conversion of forests for agriculture, farming, development or urban use.

On the other hand, the removal of trees in an area in conformance with sustainable forestry practices could be correctly defined as regeneration harvest.

We can see with our own eyes how many of world’s capital cities are located near the rivers. Can we really live without water and forest?

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