Eco Green Battery that Runs On Water

This is considered to be one of the latest developments in battery technology in Japan. Surprise!, NoPoPO or stands for No Pollution Power runs with any drinking water or almost any other water based liquid.

Nopopo water battery

Nopopo water battery

NoPoPo perhaps is the the world’s first totally eco and green battery that runs on water. The battery is rechargeable and completely recyclable. Thanks for the engineers who had been thinking of it night and days. However, keep in your mind; don’t think of it as a battery, but rather as a small electric generator.

NoPoPo comes in a series of battery sizes where the batteries can be re-filled up to five times and with just a few drops of water being able to produce up to 1.5 volts @ 500mA of current.  Assessments by the manufacturer support claim that a single AAA version battery can run a small handheld torch light for anything up to 20 hours. Magic, isn’t it?

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