Benefits of Argan Oil for Our Hair

Argan oil or Moroccan oil has been used for centuries in Morocco not just for beauty, however for food as well as for treatment of skin disease. Amlou or amalou for instance is one of a delicious dip made from argan oil, toasted almond and honey. It looks like peanut butter where you can enjoy it with bread or biscuits. The reason why the Moroccan oil is being used in culinary diets is mainly because of its strong aroma and delicacy. However, the argan oil for cooking and cosmetic use is different type of oil.

Argan oil is made from the nuts of the Argan tree. The scientific name for argan tree is Argania Spinosa and the tree is only naturally found in the South Western region of Morocco. Argan fruits are goat’s favorite food too. Traditionally, Berber women collect the undigested pits from waste of goats. The pits are then clean and those nuts are pressed to produce oil for cooking and cosmetics.

Today because of the demand most of the argan nuts are being harvested directly from argan trees. Those fruits are never being eaten by goats because of human’s demand J. Argan oil which is made in Morocco is 100% organic and produce by cooperative women Groups of Morocco.

Argan Oil for Hair Care

Argan oilA number of hair care products such as shampoos, conditioners and creams use argan oil as one of the components. However you also could use pure argan oil directly to your hair as being use traditionally by people of Morocco. They regularly practice the scalp massage with argan oil. Argan oil is not just suitable for women, however it is also suitable for men at all ages because the product is organic and it’s not made from chemicals or synthetic.

We have been using many types of synthetic products that have done a lot of damage. Hair treatments such as hair curling, straightening, dyeing, rebonding, hair styling and the use of synthetic hair products contribute for greater damage to our hair.

Argan oil of Morocco is rich with healthy goodness of Vitamin E, essential fatty acids and antioxidants that bring back and revitalize our hair into its previous crowning glory. Argan oil contains twice as much Vitamin E as olive oil. Vitamin E, which is considered as the most powerful antioxidant in the body is responsible for renewing locks as well as eradicating free radicals. The fatty acids from the argan oil are responsible for strengthening our hair, ensuring that breakage and hair loss is prevented.

While our hair becomes dry and loses elasticity with our age. Then our scalp produces less and less of the sebum oil that gives our hair that natural sheen and soft texture. For some people their hair can become thinner and for others it gets increasingly coarser. Aging hair needs more moisture than it used to be.

The Vitamin E from argan oil is a great antioxidant that assists fighting free radicals that can damage our hair over time. The Vitamin E also assists with circulation, making the impeccable conditions for hair to be healthy. Because Vitamin E could accumulate in the epidermis for up to 6 months, the benefit extends far beyond a single application.

Some people even claim that massaging the scalp daily with argan oil can prevent hair loss as what the Moroccan practice it. Thanks for reading.

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3 thoughts on “Benefits of Argan Oil for Our Hair

  1. 18 months ago I was in Morocco and found Argan oil by chance.It does wonder to the skin and I am always telling guests who stay with us how good it is. Then I read about it so no wonder sales have gone up .A two way success for the ladies in Morocco to make a living and for us to have better skin

  2. I enjoy hearing about using natural products! I try to use types of hair & skin care that contain argan oil because of the many benefits – such as the one you’ve mentioned. There are a lot of products out there and it can be overwhelming to chose one. After trying out different types, my favorite is Defend from I am extremely impressed on how much my skin has improved! Defend has done wonders for my hair too.

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