Recycle Tires’ Bags from Waste to Success

About 10 billion waste tires are stockpiled around the world. They bring the danger of fire, as well as rodent and mosquito habitat. Waste tire pollutes the ground water where it stored. Unfortunately over 1.5 billion more tires are added every year.

The common solutions that people do are to grind or burn the tires, or bury them in landfills. Burning creates thousands of tons of greenhouse gasses and dioxin emissions. Landfills could create even worst scenario. Tires break down very slowly, and pollute the soils and water for hundreds of years.

One of the great ideas to help reduce waste tire is to create products from them which is to reuse and recycle.

Deanna Russo, Knight Rider

How the Bag is made?

Passchal bag is made from the waste tractor’s inner tube which is cut, clean and finally combined with fine leather and hardware. The have recycled more than 76 tons of waste tires to manufacture the bags. Designs are unique especially the inner tubes are like finger prints, where no two bags are exactly alike.

Unique Warranty

Each bag is given special type of warranty. The bags are equipped with “interior LED lighting system” that shuts off automatically and could last approximately between 7 to 10 months. When the light burns out, you could get replacement for a new bag.

There are many designs available either for ladies and men such as travel bag, wallet bag, card holder, ladies’ hand bag, toiletry case and many more.


Passchal bags are chosen by a number of Hollywood celebrities such as;

  • Deanna Russo, Knight Rider.
  • AnnaLynn McCord, Nip Tuck
  • Alicia Coppola – “Jericho, CSI”
  • Many more….
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