Waste Management: the Electric Cable Recycling

One of the main problems in waste management for electric cable wastes from construction works is the quantity. The quantities of the electric cable wastes are relatively small and not profitable to be recycle. To transport the electric cables to recycling center need a larger quantity. Obviously for that reason most of the construction companies throw them away as other unusable trash. Finally, the electric cable wastes end up in our landfills.

However, if some of the recycling process could be done onsite. The cost could be reduced provided the waste management companies manage it properly. In the previous article we have seen how mini crusher could solve the problem for recycling rubble. In this article with the same idea, small and mini machines could save those recycling cables from our landfills and our environment too.

Waste Management: Electric Cable Stripping Machine

waste  management of electric cablesElectric cable stripping machine is one of the alternatives to process the electric cable onsite. The machine is small and easy to be transported. In the video above we show you one sample of stripping machine.

There are more companies that sells quite similar machine where it may come with extra functions. It could strip any sizes of electric cable depending of the specifications of the machine. It is very simple machine and very practical.

In Europe the WEEE Directive or Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive was established in February 2003. The target is to collect, recycle and recover all types of electrical goods with minimum rate of 4kg per head of population every year. The directive had already started since 2009.

Waste Management: Electric Cable Recycling Machine

Electric cable recycling machine is normally heavier and larger than the stripping machine. It could strip the electric cable, separate the cable insulation and grind the metal. As a result we have pure copper, aluminum or steel granules recovered from plastic or rubber insulation.

There are various types of machines produced by a number of manufacturers.  One of the examples for such machine we present here on the video above. Smaller machine for instance is suitable to be transported onsite for recycling process. Because it is lightweight and easy to handle. Hopefully, readers could benefit from this article. Thanks for reading.

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