Biomass Briquette – an Alternative Renewable Energy

Biomass briquette is another alternative energy or biofuel which could be used as substitute for coal, charcoal and wood.  Biomass briquettes are made from crop waste left over from harvested crops, such as mustard or pulse stalks, rice husks, or … Continue reading

Sansevieria – Natural Plants that Prevent Nuclear Radiation

There is an interesting fact that we can see directly with our eyes, that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) plant thousands of Sansevieria near nuclear installations. The location of the planting, only about 10 to 25 meters away from the nuclear installations. Continue reading

Learn Recycle, Let’s Recycling!

Recycling can be described as processing of used or waste products into new or similar products. The idea of recycle is to prevent:-     Waste of possibly useful materials.     Reduce the intake of fresh raw resources.     Reduce energy … Continue reading