A Budget Phone that Last for 15 Years, on a Single AA Battery

Spare One is a unique phone which is designed to use only small amount of energy. That is the reason why Spare One cellphone could be powered only by a single AA battery of 1.5 Volts. According to the manufacturer, … Continue reading

Solar Air Conditioning: World’s First DC Air Conditioning

SplitCool DC18 is the world’s first air conditioning system powered by DC (or direct current) that is generated from solar photovoltaic. Compared to other conventional air conditioning system that regularly uses AC (or alternating current), SplitCool is more efficient. This … Continue reading

Eco Green Battery from Paper!

We have read batteries runs on water previously; however there is another innovation from California, United States that produce battery entirely from paper. Vendum Batteries has come up with a new cellulose based power source made entirely out of paper. Nano-technology where a paper-thin sheet of cellulose infused with aligned carbon nanotubes that act as electricity conducting electrodes. Continue reading

How the New AMD APU Processors Support Green?

AMD has introduced a new innovation in computing technology which is called APU or Accelerated Processing Units. According to AMD, APU processors are green processors because of less power usage and less heating generated where overall the APU processors has … Continue reading