Healthy Budget: Growing with Non GMO Seed for Home Garden

Non GMO seed is also called with different names such as non-hybrid seed or open pollinated seed. Non GMO seed is healthy, organic, safe and eco-friendly. It allows gardeners to collect seeds from a crop for future planting, which means … Continue reading

Rosemary – Natural Plants that Prevent Nuclear Radiation

There are few scientific papers or researches have been done analyzing the rosemary plant as another alternative for preventing radiation included the nuclear radiation. There are papers of main researches from Spain and then Argentina and India writing methods about … Continue reading

Acai Berry, the Benefits and the Scams

There were huge controversies about this fruit on media either on TV, radio, magazines, newspapers or even on internet. Some groups promote them heavily, while the other groups oppose them. Acai berry is so popular almost everywhere and even discussed … Continue reading