Which Countries is Generating Nuclear Power Today?

Nuclear Current Scenario World is still generating electricity from nuclear power approximately at 2,645.50 terawatt-hour. 1 terawatt is equivalent to 1 million megawatt while 1 megawatt is equivalent to 1 million watt. Although the annual power generation by renewable energy … Continue reading

Green Technology: The Ancient Persian Wind Power Technologies

Anybody who watches film the Prince of Persia will feel astonish with amazing architectures, technologies and sciences that Persian or Iranian had few thousand years ago. Although the story in the film is far beyond the reality, however the architecture and engineering from the movie is a brief explanation what Persian had invented thousands of years ago. You will be more surprise to know that in Persia there are more magic than the movies could show us. Welcome to Persia….. :) Continue reading

Biogas, the Forgotten Free Renewable Energy

In 1776, for the first time, the Italian Physicist, Volta had demonstrated methane in the marsh gas, generated from organic matter in bottom sediments of ponds and streams. Under anaerobic conditions, the organic materials are converted through microbiological reactions into gases (fuel) and organic fertilizer (sludge). Continue reading