Green Building: the Passive Cooling System

One of the main concepts in green building or green architecture is the study of energy usage. Designers i.e. the engineers and architects should priorities energy utilization by carefully study of how to implement green engineering to reduce energy usage of a building. Continue reading

Why Should We Use Solar Powered Water Pump?

Solar Pump A Green Water Delivery Technology Solar energy is abundance, clean and free. In most of solar powered device such as the solar powered water pump, the solar energy or sun energy is first converted to electricity. The electric … Continue reading

Green Technology: The Ancient Persian Wind Power Technologies

Anybody who watches film the Prince of Persia will feel astonish with amazing architectures, technologies and sciences that Persian or Iranian had few thousand years ago. Although the story in the film is far beyond the reality, however the architecture and engineering from the movie is a brief explanation what Persian had invented thousands of years ago. You will be more surprise to know that in Persia there are more magic than the movies could show us. Welcome to Persia….. :) Continue reading