What are Greenhouse Gases?

In the previous article How Greenhouse Effect works on our lovely Planet Earth?, we have gone through reading about the process of Greenhouse Effect, how it works and what are the consequences that the Greenhouse Effect is threatening us right now. However, in this article we shall concentrated more on the Greenhouse Gases or GHG. Continue reading

How Greenhouse Effect works on our lovely Planet Earth?

There is one subject that perhaps we might never explore in more details because the subject of greenhouse effect always is being discussed almost anywhere in any magazines and available on internet in many websites. We simply thought that many people know the subject very well and because of that no article has been written to explain the subject in more details. Continue reading

Biogas, the Forgotten Free Renewable Energy

In 1776, for the first time, the Italian Physicist, Volta had demonstrated methane in the marsh gas, generated from organic matter in bottom sediments of ponds and streams. Under anaerobic conditions, the organic materials are converted through microbiological reactions into gases (fuel) and organic fertilizer (sludge). Continue reading