Choosing the Right Solar Heating- Panels

Solar thermal panel is also called with other different names such as solar heating panel or solar thermal collector. Solar thermal collector is actually the most important component in any solar heating system. This is the place where heat energy is absorbed or accumulated before sending it to our home. Continue reading

Choosing the Right Solar Heating- Freeze Protection in Closed Loop

In the previous article we have discussed about the solar heating close loop system basics and heat exchanger. In close loop system heat exchanger is the main components that is used to transfer the solar heat energy from solar collector to our home’s hot water system. In this article we are going to discuss on freeze protection in close loop system. Continue reading

What are Greenhouse Gases?

In the previous article How Greenhouse Effect works on our lovely Planet Earth?, we have gone through reading about the process of Greenhouse Effect, how it works and what are the consequences that the Greenhouse Effect is threatening us right now. However, in this article we shall concentrated more on the Greenhouse Gases or GHG. Continue reading