How to Estimate Solar Photovoltaic System for Our Home?

Solar photovoltaic is one of the most attractive renewable sources today.  It is not only for the benefit of our environment, the cost is also reduced multiple times than before. If we compare the price of solar photovoltaic in 2009, … Continue reading

Why Solar Photovoltaic is Right for Our Home?

Solar photovoltaic or solar PV generates electricity by converting sunlight into DC or direct current. Solar photovoltaic is different than solar thermal which uses heat to produce electricity by rotating turbines. Photovoltaic generates electricity through pn junction semiconductor, when electrons … Continue reading

Choosing the Right Solar Heating- Passive, Active & Open Loop

Solar heating system is a device that collects heat from solar energy and supplying our home with hot water. The device is eco-friendly and also an excellent option for us to reduce heating cost. Basically, there are many types and … Continue reading