Biomass Briquettes for Green Energy Production

Biomass briquettes can be used for biomass green energy generation, which will be able to produce green electricity without any drawbacks of what fossil fuels could offer to generate electricity.

Biomass energy solutions will substitute huge amounts of fossil fuels to fulfill the energy demands of the future where biomass briquettes are part of this future. The products can be produced from virtually any organic material, such as from weeds and grass to agricultural waste and municipal solid waste. Continue reading

Greenhouse Effect – Natural and Man-made Sources of Methane

Methane is one of the greenhouse gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect. It is the major contributor to our planet. Let us look what are the natural and man-made sources that produce methane gas to our planet. Continue reading

How to Identify Safe or Unsafe Plastic Packaging for Food and Drink

Plastic History Plastic is being used widely for food or beverage packaging where we could not avoid of not using it for our daily life. It exists in many forms and shapes especially for food and drink packaging. Historically, plastic … Continue reading