Waste Management: the Electric Cable Recycling

One of the main problems in waste management for electric cable wastes from construction works is the quantity. The quantities of the electric cable wastes are relatively small and not profitable to be recycle. To transport the electric cables to … Continue reading

Building Construction with Recycling Paper

Building construction with renewable or recycling materials is one of the best alternatives for our home and office. It could reduce the cost of a building, reduce carbon emission (CO2), reduce landfill use and give us cleaner environment. While one … Continue reading

Waste Management and Recycling for Construction’s Rubble

Waste management generally involves various types of works from collecting waste till dispose it either on landfills, incineration or recycling. In this article however we are going to discuss only on practical ideas which already proved to work in the … Continue reading

Learn Recycle, Let’s Recycling!

Recycling can be described as processing of used or waste products into new or similar products. The idea of recycle is to prevent:-     Waste of possibly useful materials.     Reduce the intake of fresh raw resources.     Reduce energy … Continue reading